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A geologic age is a subdivision of geologic time that divides an epoch into smaller astrology for the millions pdf. This page was last edited on 23 September 2016, at 19:28.

This clock representation shows some of the major units of geological time and definitive events of Earth history. The primary defined divisions of time are eons, in sequence the Hadean, the Archean, the Proterozoic and the Phanerozoic. The first three of these can be referred to collectively as the Precambrian supereon. The following four timelines show the geologic time scale. The first shows the entire time from the formation of the Earth to the present, but this gives little space for the most recent eon.

Therefore, the second timeline shows an expanded view of the most recent eon. In a similar way, the most recent era is expanded in the third timeline, and the most recent period is expanded in the fourth timeline. Geologists qualify these units as “early”, “mid”, and “late” when referring to time, and “lower”, “middle”, and “upper” when referring to the corresponding rocks. For example, the lower Jurassic Series in chronostratigraphy corresponds to the early Jurassic Epoch in geochronology. Evidence from radiometric dating indicates that Earth is about 4. Geologic units from the same time but different parts of the world often look different and contain different fossils, so the same time-span was historically given different names in different locales.

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For example, in North America, the Lower Cambrian is called the Waucoban series that is then subdivided into zones based on succession of trilobites. Some other planets and moons in the Solar System have sufficiently rigid structures to have preserved records of their own histories, for example, Venus, Mars and the Earth’s Moon. He also formulated the law of superposition, which states that any given stratum is probably older than those above it and younger than those below it. This theory, known as “Plutonism”, stood in contrast to the “Neptunist” flood-oriented theory. The first serious attempts to formulate a geologic time scale that could be applied anywhere on Earth were made in the late 18th century. Earth’s crust into four types: Primary, Secondary, Tertiary, and Quaternary. Each type of rock, according to the theory, formed during a specific period in Earth history.