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If beautiful creatures pdf free download 2shared wish to read the summary of the story of Ramayana, scroll down. If you wish to download the complete Ramayana as pdf, use the links below. All the files are in pdf format. Right-click and choose Save As to download.

Print versions of the Ramayana are also available on Flipkart in India and Amazon in the US. Be sure to check out the public domain books page for more puranas, epics and other interesting books to download. Ramayana Story Summary Dasharatha is the son of Aja, and a descendant of Raghu and Dilipa. Kausalya gives birth to Rama, Dasharatha’s eldest son. Sumitra gives birth to Lakshmana and Shatrugana. The four sons grow up into fine young men and are tutored by the greatest rishis, including Vasishtha, the raja guru. Once Rama comes of age, Dasharatha wishes to retire and hand over the kingdom to Rama, who is loved by all.

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Rama is made the crown prince and arrangements are set to crown him as king. Everyone looks forward to this event except Manthara, an old hunchback lady in the employ of queen Kaikeyi. She seeks to increase her influence in court through her mistress, and begins to poison Kaikeyi’s mind about Rama and Kausalya’s evil intentions. Kaikeyi had once saved Dasharatha’s life in battle as his charioteer, and he had granted her two boons to ask whenever she wished. Kaikeyi uses these two boons and asks Dasharatha to make Bharatha king and banish Rama for 14 years into the forest.

Dasharatha is heart-broken and having given his word earlier, has no choice. Rama thus leaves Ayodhya and heads into the forest. Sita and Lakshmana accompany him, refusing to be parted from his company. In the forest, the three meet many sages and ultimately settle down.