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Roald Dahl short stories bibliography is a comprehensive annotated list of best short stories pdf stories written by Roald Dahl. Over to You: Ten Stories of Flyers and Flying. New York: Farrar, Straus and Giroux. The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar and Six More.

The great automatic grammatizator and other stories. The Best of Roald Dahl: stories from Over to You, Someone Like You, Kiss Kiss, Switch Bitch. The Collected Short Stories of Roald Dahl. Storyteller¬†: the authorized biography of Roald Dahl. Dahl’s first published work, though anonymously credited to “an RAF pilot at present in this country for medical reasons. In the Ruins”: Complete Text with Introduction”. This page was last edited on 8 February 2017, at 23:06.

This is a list of short stories written by Alice Munro. Alice Munro’s Best: A Selection of Stories, XVIII, 509 p. Carried Away: A Selection of Stories, XXXV, 559 p. Some of the data in the list below are still needed in this spreadsheet, e. Who Do You Think You Are? 2011, published in 2014 as Lying under the Apple Tree. What Do You Want to Know For?

This list contains some extra information compared with the table above. Amundsen” in The New Yorker, 27 August 2012, Web in Dear Life. Corrie” in The New Yorker, 11 October 2010, Web, Dear Life. Personal History, 19 September 2011, Web, without any subtitle in Dear Life.

Dolly” in Tin House, 29 May 2012 in Dear Life. The Penguin Book of Modern Canadian Short Stories, edited by Wayne Grady, Markham, Ont. Eskimo” in Gentlemen’s Quarterly 55, no. Half a Grapefruit” in Redbook 151, no.

Haven” in The New Yorker, 5 March 2012 in Dear Life. Hold Me Fast, Don’t Let Me Pass” in Atlantic Monthly 262, no. Home” in New Canadian Stories, Vol. 74, edited by David Helwig and Georg Euringer, Ottawa: Oberon Press, 1974, pp. In Sight of the Lake” in Granta, 22 February 2012 in Dear Life. Leaving Maverley” in The New Yorker, 28 November 2011, Summary, in Dear Life.

Night” in Granta Spring 2012, beginning of the story in Dear Life. Postcard” in The Tamarack Review, 1968 No. Pride” in Harper’s Magazine, April 2011, in Dear Life. Story for Sunday” in Folio 5, no. Thanks for the Ride” in Tamarack Review No. 3 January 2000, “27 December 1999”: just a summary in paraphrase incl.

The Edge of Town” in Queen’s Quarterly 62, no. The Ferguson Girls Must Never Marry” in Grand Street 1, no. The Peace of Utrecht” in Tamarack Review No. The Widower” in Folio 5, no. Train” in Harper’s Magazine, April 2004 Web, Dear Life. Visitors” in Atlantic Monthly 249, no. Voices” no longer available on the Web, in Dear Life.

The Norton Anthology of Short Fiction, edited by R. Cassill and Richard Bausch, 6th edition, W W. Wild Swans” in Who Do You Think You Are? Working for a Living” in Grand Street 1, no.