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Academic Scholarships and Vocational Scholarships to residents of the Mat-Su Borough interested in pursuing health-related and nonprofit management careers. The deadline for 2018 Academic Scholarships was February 23, 2018. Blood brothers full text pdf will be notified in late April, 2018. Vocational Scholarship applications are accepted continuously, year-round.

Academic Scholarships Mat-Su Health Foundation academic scholarships help defray the cost of higher education in degree programs that emphasize health or wellness, including mental health and substance abuse, and nonprofit management. We also offer academic scholarships under the Mat-Su Scholars Awards program. These scholarships are based on the applicant’s stated career goal, but not on financial need. The Mat-Su Scholars Awards program requires an essay and interview as part of the application process . Note: A single application applies you for both the traditional academic scholarship and the Mat-Su Scholars award.

If selected for both, you will receive the higher amount of the two. Hospital Administration and Nonprofit Management: The George V. Dates for the 2019 Academic Scholarship application period will be announced in the future. If you are applying for the Mat-Su Scholars Awards program, you will be asked to complete an essay of 250 words describing your career goal and how achieving it will help people living in the Mat-Su. Eligible for the Alaska Permanent Fund Dividend. Minimum half-time student status at an accredited college, university, or medical training program. Selection of a health care or nonprofit management career choice that matches the workforce needs of providers in the Mat-Su Borough.

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Interest in the fields of health care or nonprofit management as demonstrated by the applicant’s responses to questions posed in the application. For academic scholarships only: successful completion of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid – FAFSA. The FAFSA is not required for Vocational Scholarship applicants. GPA: There is no minimum GPA for first time applicants.

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