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Please forward this error screen to sharedip-16015312813. This article is about car bible pdf free download 1977 film. The Car is a 1977 American thriller film directed by Elliot Silverstein and written by Michael Butler, Dennis Shryack and Lane Slate. Two bicyclists cycling on a canyon are followed by a mysterious matte black car down the road.

At the bridge, the car proceeds to crush one cyclist against the wall, and ram the other from behind, catapulting him off the bridge. A hitchhiker, hoping to get a ride, encounters the car and insults it after it purposefully tries to run him down. In response, the car runs over him several times and leaves. During the resulting investigation, an eyewitness to the accident states that there was no driver inside the car, furthering Wade’s confusion. The car enters the town and attacks the school marching band as it rehearses at the local show ground. It chases the group of teachers and students into a cemetery.

Curiously enough, the machine will not enter onto the consecrated ground as Lauren taunts the purported driver that any of the townsfolk have yet to see. Seemingly in anger, the car destroys a brick gate post and leaves. That evening, Lauren, on her way home to pick up her things, is killed when the car jumps driving straight through her house and rams her, right when she is speaking to Wade over the phone. Luke puts forward to a grief-stricken and maddened Wade the theory that it acted in revenge for the insults hurled on it by Lauren and notes it cannot enter hallowed ground. Wade concocts a plan to stop the car by burying it beneath a controlled explosion in the canyons that lie outside of town. The final scenes show Wade refusing to believe what the group saw in the flames, despite Luke’s insistence about what he saw. The film concludes, in some cuts, with the car prowling the streets of downtown Los Angeles, clearly having survived.

The “evil” black car in the film was a customized 1971 Lincoln Continental Mark III designed by famed Hollywood car customizer George Barris. There were four cars built for the film in six weeks. Parts of the film were shot in St. The film was panned by critics, citing poor dialogue and acting. Rotten Tomatoes based on 15 reviews. Chicago Tribune film critic Gene Siskel gave the film one star and his headline referred to this film as “The Cinematic Turkey of 1977”.

The Car was released in standard definition and without additional features on DVD by Anchor Bay Entertainment on July 20, 1999. Arrow Films released The Car on Blu-Ray on December 15, 2015. The Blu-Ray release features the first HD 1080p transfer of the film, as well as commentary and additional features. 1974 film about a possessed bulldozer. The Hearse, a 1980 horror movie about a possessed hearse.

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