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EDR searches over 1,600  environmental databases, including hundreds of commercial due diligence report pdf, city and tribal sources not searched by the competition. All EDR Radius Map Reports now include Lightbox, a revolutionary workflow tool for reviewing environmental records. Advanced PDF features including useful bookmarks, hyperlinks and links to site details on state agency websites save you time.

EDR’s Exclusive High-Risk Historical Records database ensures you never miss a historic gas station, dry cleaner or manufactured gas plant. EDR’s team of data analysts maintains relationships with government agencies and new sources of data are updated quickly. Our update process meets and exceeds the requirements of ASTM E1527. Data currency is just one reason that the EDR Radius Map Report the most comprehensive in the industry. Thousands of environmental consultants rely on EDR Radius Map Reports for their Phase I ESAs, Transaction Screens, Desktop Reviews, RSRAs and other scopes of work every day.

Over the years, our name has become synonymous with our flagship report! Though we’ve offered this report since the 90s, we’ve never stopped innovating. Check out EDR Lightbox to see how we’ve re-imagined environmental records analysis. The EDR Radius Map meets and exceeds the search requirements laid out in ASTM E1527-13 and EPA’s All Appropriate Inquiry Rule. Florida Chamber Foundation’s premier environmental conference! To read about key asset recovery cases and global compliance with anti-fraud and money-laundering laws, please click in the link above for the Newsletter PDF.

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