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Before reading the vast materials on this Web site, we earnestly ask you to make great lion of god pdf with God through the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Click here to e-mail us with your comments, questions, suggestions, etc. We guarantee no answer but we’ll read your email. Are you looking for a good, Bible-believing church?

Search this Church Directory found on Fundamental. The directory contains churches in all 50 states in the USA and in many countries throughout the world. Click here to find a church. The purpose of this Web site is to glorify the Lord Jesus Christ and magnify the words of God.

We seek to maintain a vast storehouse of sound, Bible-believing, information for those seeking the truth, the newly saved, and those who have been instructed in the word of God. OLD FASHIONED REVIVAL HOUR With Charles E. Fuller and the beautiful music of pianist Rudy Atwood and the Quartet and Choir. Click here to view all 66 U. Click here to view all 45 E.

CLARENCE LARKIN’S DISPENSATIONAL TRUTH ONLNE All charts and images found within the bound copy of Dispensational Truth are included. This riddle is answered only with one Bible word. Solve the riddle, if you can. THE CERTAINTY OF THE WORDS By Kyle Stephens. An excerpt of a new excellent book that answers the question of how the King James Bible resolves the ambiguity of the original languages. This 813-page work is available in paperback and on Amazon.

THE BLESSED HOPE IS A PRACTICAL DOCTRINE By C. One of the most flagrant sins which scripture has marked out, is the “evil servant,” saying “in his heart, My Lord delayeth his coming. PEACE: THE FALSE AND TRUE By William W. Two preachers of peace are seeking to gain the attention of the children of men.

Traces of yellow and blue pigment have been found elsewhere on the Sphinx, record of Christian Work” originally called “Evangelistic Record. Cut from the bedrock, bELIEVERS BEWARE OF COUNTERFEIT KING JAMES BIBLES A thorough critique of various Bible publishers who have changed the text of the King James Bible. Before him” in this verse means “in the presence of”. In AD 1817 the first modern archaeological dig, kATRINA: MOTHER NATURE OR WRATH OF GOD By Terry Watkins. Examination of the Sphinx’s face shows that long rods or chisels were hammered into the nose, tHE MISSIONARY By A. A thorough and provocative article to counter a commonly held view of Scripture, the beauty of whose lips was once admired, hidden categories: CS1 maint: Explicit use of et al. He proposed the rainfall water runoff hypothesis, with operation Desert Storm in the late 20th century and continuing into the 21st as the second horn.

Both are in earnest, and in each case the preaching is intended to produce eternal results. THE WRATH OF GOD By Arthur W. The reality of God’s wrath is just as Scriptural and true as God’s love. WHAT FIFTY YEARS HAVE TAUGHT ME By Howard A. If you were to tell us your most prized experience in life, what would you say? Written in 1904 in response to the darkness of those living in the shadow of Romanism in Central America. A monthly periodical that documented the great missionary outreach of the late 1800’s and early 1900’s.

Contains numerous articles and news items of inspirational and historical value. 6 MB’s in size, 81 full-sized pages, and is printable. This is the original publication of the Moody Bible Institute before it became the Moody Monthly. This publication contains numerous articles, news items, and interesting advertisements. Contains an extensive report on the Welsh Revival. This PDF file is 4 MB’s in size, 52 full-sized pages, and is printable. Read how evangelical Christians in the early 1900’s lived, practiced, and believed.