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The Book of Genesis” redirects here. In Judaism, the theological importance of Genesis centers on the covenants linking God to his chosen people and the people hebrew myths the book of genesis pdf the Promised Land.

Genesis appears to be structured around the recurring phrase elleh toledot, meaning “these are the generations,” with the first use of the phrase referring to the “generations of heaven and earth” and the remainder marking individuals—Noah, the “sons of Noah”, Shem, etc. God creates the world in six days and consecrates the seventh as a day of rest. After many generations of Adam have passed from the lines of Cain and Seth, the world becomes corrupted by human sin and Nephilim, and God determines to wipe out humanity. God instructs Abram to travel from his home in Mesopotamia to the land of Canaan.

God resolves to destroy the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah for the sins of their people. Abraham protests and gets God to agree not to destroy the cities if 10 righteous men can be found. The King of Gerar takes Sarah for his wife, but God warns him to return her, and he obeys. God sends Sarah a son to be named Isaac, through whom the covenant will be established. God tests Abraham by demanding that he sacrifice Isaac.

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