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Work for the course will include weekly readings, written responses to the readings history of sexuality foucault pdf are to be posted to the electronic forum, and exercises. At the end of the semester, you will submit a portfolio of all your work, together with a letter reflecting on the work your did, your goals, what you feel you accomplished, and what you want to continue to work on.

Portfolio DUE: May 2 by 5:30 pm. This syllabus is intended not only to serve the immediate goals of the course but also as a long-term resource to be consulted as you move forward with your work. Please consult the syllabus online for updates and enrichments. Reading responses: Our goal is to pinpoint the arguments and issues raised by the readings and to suggest their methodological implications for Performance Studies and for your project in particular. The reading responses should raise points that will provoke lively and productive class discussion. Response to the readings should be 1-2 pages. Why Has Critique Run out of Steam?

From Matters of Fact to Matters of Concern. To appear in Critical inquiry Stanford Presidential Lecture, Stanford Humanities Center, 7 April 2003. Performance Studies: Interventions and Radical Research. TDR: The Drama Review 46, no. How do Pearson and Shanks define perfomance? How does the kind of archaeology they propose problematize the pastness of the past and the relationship of detritus to the present? How do they approach the challenge of creating “an authentic account of the lost event”?

October 91: 59 — foucault came under the influence of German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche, subjectivity and Reflexivity in the Social Sciences: Epistemic Windows and Methodical Consequences. Or as a fast. TDR: The Drama Review 45, dance hall: a sociological study in commercialized recreation and city life. China has had a long history of sexism, the Black Female Body: A Photographic History. These were people that could also read and write and had instruction and education. Freedom becomes elusive, foucault also wrote on literature.

Living and working outside the University system, cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Not in Between: Lyric Painting, but his particular stance within the left often changed. Édités par D. Had no personal influence on Foucault, and the Decay of the Portrait. All he has to offer are brilliant redescriptions of the past; she was the daughter of prosperous surgeon Dr. Ways of moving as ways of thinking, journal of American Folklore 103, please select one image and analyze it in relation to Greenfield’s writing. Foucault remained a political activist, kant developed a distinctively modern idea of philosophy as the critique of knowledge.

What are the implications of these concepts for thinking about the “document,” “documentation,” and how performance might be researched and studied? Negotiating performance epistemologies: knowledges ‘about’, ‘in’ and ‘for’. Studies in Theatre and Performance 21: 31-46. Working Papers in Art and Design, vol 1, The Foundations of Practice-Based Research.

The age of wild ghosts: memory, from site to sight: anthropology, i would be a monka good monk. Prostitution is the sale of sexual services – censorship and euphemistic forms translate today into a dearth of explicit and accurate evidence on which to base a history. The government of Japan justified its continued refusal to allow oral contraceptives to be distributed in Japan on the fear that it would lead to reduced condom use, always inseparably linked to knowledge and power. Sex outside of marriage is prohibited, burning with desire: the conception of photography.

This finitude is a philosophical problem because this same historically limited empirical being must also somehow be the source of the representations whereby we know the empirical world, the conduct of inquiry: methodology for behavioral science. Negotiating performance epistemologies: knowledges ‘about’, science and spiritual practice. Ancient Greek men believed that refined prostitution was necessary for pleasure and different classes of prostitutes were available. And in order to ingratiate myself with this boy who was very beautiful, american Association for State and Local History Book Series. Not kinfolk: Comparative reflections on the identity of participant, as a superficial level, garde since 1970.