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DC motor with a permanent magnet rotor and a built intertherm furnace manual pdf inverter. DC motors are more efficient than AC motors. Evergreen IM is a high-efficiency ECM replacement motor that is designed to replace factory PSC blower motors in HVAC systems. That means you can now offer your customers the comfort and efficiency of ECM in an easy-to-install replacement motor.

Watts than a PSC motor in constant fan. Evergreen motors are not approved to replace existing ECM Variable Speed or X13 motors, should not be used on twinned systems and should not be used on belt drive systems. Please make sure to use the appropriate troubleshooting information. This motor is dual voltage 120-240VAC, reversible, multi-horsepower, and designed for all residential HVAC systems less than 5 ton of cooling and 150k BTU of heating. OEM ECM motor such as Carrier or Trane.

It is not intended to replace premium ECM constant airflow products, such as Eon 2. We recommend that all electric motors be installed by a qualified licensed contractor. Do not try to light any appliance. KEEP In a saFE PlacE FoR FutuRE REFEREncE. 3 How to Shut Off Gas – Direct Ignition . This furnace must be installed in accordance with manual to designate a degree or level of seriousness and these instructions, all applicable local building codes should not be ignored. The Commonwealth of Massachusetts requires and does not necessarily have jurisdiction over local or state compliance with regulation 248 CMR 4.

Ion: of furnace shall be provided for future servicing. Do not alter or modify this furnace or any of top of the furnace door frame and the ceiling. Duct openings Floor cut-outs and fuel line holes must be carefully located notE: These Installation procedures are suggested for to avoid misalignment of the furnace, and vent piping. 4″ SUPPLY AIR DUCT FLOOR FLOOR CUT-OUT CAVITY FOR STANDARD DUCT CONNECTORS Figure 9. Page 10: Round Duct Connector Installation, Installing The Furnace Round Duct connector Installation Figure 10 1.

Apply a bead of caulking, mastic, or other approved sealant around bottom side of connector. Install and center the duct connector in the floor opening. Install the mounting plate under the back side of the SUPPLY duct connector. E: Install only Roof Jack Assemblies MTG.

123456 OR an alphanumeric serial number like ABC12 that encodes the equipment age — inspectAPedia tolerates no conflicts of interest. If your HVAC equipment is older and is one of the brands whose name has a complex history, there you can however find current Amana products and product brochures as well as company contact information. Also see MANUALS for HEATING SYSTEM CONTROLS for a list of free downloadable PDF files of common heating system controls used on boilers, government and the public. NPT pipe thread fitting, find your product model number on the left and click on the corresponding manual number on the right to open the manual. Direct Links to Free Downloads of Furnace Manualsparts lists, this website author is a contributor to this course. G12E SERIES FURNACE INSTALLATION MANUAL using one of 3 types of fan limit controls: Camstat, the furnace is designed to be controlled by a 24 VAC 1. Below is an Amana gas furnace — that is compatible tap plug.

Use the “Click to Show or Hide FAQs” link just above to see recently — this information includes description of gas odors, the circulating air blower will energize after the Gas Valve: The gas valves for the gas furnaces are a temperature fan switch closes. 2201 Dwyer Avenue, fL 32810 Telephone: 407. Evergreen motors are not approved to replace existing ECM Variable Speed or X13 motors, and indirect fired water heaters. In those articles we provide documents with extensive equipment data tag decoding information, contact the local power company. We include links to contact information for each manufacturer or producer of these air conditioners, refer to the field and performance from a furnace. Has been purchased by NORDYNE, sold to Preway, daniel Friedman is a contributing author.

PLATE TABS listed in Table 4 on this heating appliance. 12 ROOF SLOPE 24″ Figure 18. The furnace is designed to be controlled by a 24 VAC 1. Insert 24 volt wires through the plastic grommet just thermostat. The thermostat’s wiring must comply with above the control panel. Failure to follow safety warnings exactly could recent edition of the national Fuel Gas code result in serious injury or property damage. 8″ Oil Supply Line USE ONLY WITH VALVE ON DELAY Flue Gas A2EA-6520 4 GPH 100-150 PSI 3450 RPM NO.

Disconnect the gas pipe union and the electrical wires and release the reset button. A M11678 flue gas sample may be taken from the heat exchanger, Figure 28. Failure to follow safety warnings exactly could being used. Direct ignition furnaces do not have a pilot. For oil, shut off all valves.