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Shared leadership is a leadership style that broadly distributes leadership responsibility, such that people within a team and organization lead each other. Shared leadership can be defined in a number of ways, but all definitions describe a similar phenomenon: managers and leaders are they different pdf leadership by more than just an appointed leader. Individual members of a team engaging in activities that influence the team and other team members. An emergent team property that results from the distribution of leadership influence across multiple team members.

Shared leadership occurs when two or more members engage in the leadership of the team in an effort to influence and direct fellow members to maximize team effectiveness. Shared leadership is also commonly thought of as the “serial emergence” of multiple leaders over the life of a team, stemming from interactions among team members in which at least one team member tries to influence other members or the team in general. Though a relatively new phenomenon in the literature, the concept of shared leadership can actually be traced back several centuries. In a 2002 paper, David Sally noted that shared leadership was present even in the early days of Republican Rome.

Indeed, during those ancient times, Rome “had a successful system of co-leadership that lasted for over four centuries. There are some earlier conceptualizations of shared leadership. The shift in this scholarly paradigm might partly be explained by looking at the rise of studies on teamwork. Teamwork is becoming increasingly important in the workplace literature as many organizations recognize the benefits that teamwork can bring. Thus, organizations consider it important to investigate team effectiveness and the elements that increase this. With the complexity and ambiguity of tasks that teams often experience, it is becoming more apparent that a single leader is unlikely to have all of the skills and traits to effectively perform the necessary leadership functions.

There are two main ways that most researchers measure the existence and extent of shared leadership in a team: Ratings of the team’s collective leadership behavior and Social Network Analysis. A less common technique of measuring shared leadership is with the use of behaviorally anchored rating scales. Many studies measure shared leadership as team member perceptions of leader behavior exhibited by respective team leaders and team members. SNA examines the relationships that form between individuals and uses these relationships as the units of analysis. Some researchers go further into SNA and analyze a network’s centralization, which helps assess the distribution of leadership, as well as the quantity. Network centralization is measured using centrality values that are calculated for each individual.

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