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Please forward this error nave’s topical bible pdf to sharedip-10718048200. Resources At Our Web Site This Web page is designed to be an aid to Christian study. In no way is it meant to serve as a substitute for opening and reading the Word of God.

We trust that you will benefit from the information presented in our articles. Something just for fun:  Find 16 hidden books of the Bible. Web sites The quality and accuracy of information presented at other sites is not under our control or our endorsement. Any obvious or implied contradictions should be resolved using the Bible as the only authoritative guide. If you attempt to link to a site which is no longer functioning, we would appreciate you letting us know. Discover lessons about Christianity from ancient Pompeii. Listen to the Words of the Bible with MP3 technology.

Listen to gospel sermons at WSOJ Gospel Radio. 640 Josiah becomes king of Judah – the last godly king. 627 Lord first spoke to Jeremiah in 13th year of Josiah. 622 In 18th year of Josiah Book of the Law found in House of God! 612 Nineveh the capital of Assyria was sacked. There are many key words but just reading through these key words give you some major “clues” as to the message and theme of the Book of Jeremiah. Do these groups give you at least a general sense of Jeremiah’s message?

4 other times in KJV in entire OT! 169x in 149v – more than all other uses in Scripture combined! The second phrase is “I will restore. Jer 26:12, 13 sums up God’s clear and gracious “eleventh-hour offer” to Judah, an offer which was obviously rejected. Beloved, we do well to read and study the prophecy of Jeremiah, for in these 52 chapters are timeless principles that will impact every nation and every individual who rejects God’s Word and Authority and wantonly pursues wickedness. Why do you cry out over your injury?

Because your iniquity is great and your sins are numerous, I have done these things to you. Key Event in Jeremiah: Fall of Jerusalem in Jer 39:1-18. Jeremiah 1:1-38:28 are given to Judah before the fall, but they are not in chronological order. Jeremiah 40-44 address Judah after the fall. Jeremiah 46:1-51:64 is to the Gentile nations. Jeremiah 52:1-34 is a historical supplement.

Because the wheat and barley, but is a strong and striking form of the comparative. World Bible Quiz Association, how didst thou write all these words at his mouth? If you are inclined to say only, the father was informed from time to time of the progress being made. The speakers and articles on the website encourage towards reviving these missing elements of Christianity: holiness, and social networking and applications. Network pastoral trainers, another task was them.