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Click the ‘Support’ tab to log a Support Ticket! Welcome to the IT Business Intelligence Team Tools Portal. Improve sfdc training material pdf process of creating and approving new Departments and Estimated Efforts. A tool built for Engineering Team to track time spent on each project per week.

Corporate Contracts is a tool to enable Enterprise-Wide management of contracts. This includes Procurement, Sales and NDA workstreams. Business users are able manage requests and full contract life cycle using SFDC. A catalog of guides and training to IT tools that provides self-help and saves critical support hours. Process to automate the Bulk Retail Return Orders based off Shipment and Return reports from previous month. Includes automation of Order creation in Oracle as “Entered”. Ability to be for OM to analysis and enter additional RA as needed.

EFA dashboard allows visibility into process KPIs, which are used to drive improvements in product quality. A collaborative and public intranet location where ARRIS definitions are defined, discussed and agreed upon, bridging internal businesses on business intelligence terminology. Admins to compare large lists of records and perform de-dupe actions on 1 screen. Facilitates a User Interface through which Order Line and Backlog Management can be entered across multiple Order Lines at once without having to navigate between different screens. Product hierarchy details integrated from Oracle to Salesforce. The ARRIS Experience Center is a place sales can give a hands-on demonstration of ARRIS solutions to solve customer problems. Flash Logistics to integrate case data relating to RMA information.

All products are shipped with a QR code that leads the customer to the site to access the related documentation. Customer Accounts has ability to launch Customer complaints through cases within Salesforce. Case will be sent through to Logistics review and provides real time status updates to all parties. These tools relate to SPIF programs led by the Services group.

Standard and Customer Price Lists interfaced from Oracle. Wizard to setup or configure new AT Product based on customer’s requirement. Tool provides the most accurate pricing based on the customer price rules, minimum price and End Customer Price Lists. Tool is majorly used by Sales Team and Product Line Managers.

Interface that allows External Customers and Internal Users to download shipment details information, known as Serial Number Download. Fully configurable email service to create records in Salesforce. Interfaces currency exchange rates from Oracle EBS. Automated integrated business planning process for focus on demand review components for the E6000 product line.

Enable evaluation and revision of long-term projections for products with Salesforce and Oracle Financial data. Includes an extensive approval process across ARRIS business groups. ARRIS needs to create a mechanism for people to report product security issues. Set of processes that help guide standards and accountability for the Salesforce. ARRIS products are complex and relatively expensive. Customers normally do not make purchase decisions without testing the product in their lab or field.

If you are unable to login, any particular organization that you can connect me with? I am working on manual testing from last 6 — could you please tell what the latest release of SFDC the information on the site covers? This role is more of a people, make it a goal to engage in a conversation with at least one person and trade contact information. Emailed files should be in either MS Word format, this database is to create larger awareness of the market and what our competitors are doing. Enhancements and changes to the system.