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This article needs additional citations for verification. Vice Versa: A Lesson to Fathers is a comic novel by Thomas Anstey Guthrie, writing under the pseudonym “F. Set in Victorian times, the novel concerns businessman Someone like you novel pdf file download Bultitude and his son Dick.

Dick is about to leave home to return to a boarding school run by the cane-wielding headmaster, Dr. At this point, thanks to a magic stone brought by an uncle from India which grants the possessor one wish, the father becomes a boy identical to the son. They are now on even terms. Dick, holding the stone, is ordered by his father to return him to his own body, but Dick refuses, and decides instead to become a man identical to how his father looked before the change. In 1883, playwright Edward Rose adapted the story as a stage play, also titled Vice Versa. The BBC made a six-part radio series in 1947, adapted and produced by Felix Felton. Paul Bultitude was played by Ronald Simpson, and his mischievous son Dick by John Clark.

The story has also been adapted for television at least three times, and for film at least five times. The 1981 ITV adaptation featured Peter Bowles as Paul Bultitude. The 1988 film version, adapted into a modern setting, starring Judge Reinhold and Fred Savage as the father and son. Anstey’s novel as its source in its initial release, but retained the title. The novels Freaky Friday and Summer Switch by Mary Rodgers are modern re-tellings of the same story.

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