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I wanted to build a stable Large build platform 3D Printer for a fraction of the price. Many Enthusiast’s entries into the 3D printer market comes from the purchase of the Prusa i3 kit and in keeping with the good work of the Joseph Prusa design I still of the night tab pdf it would be great if the design could be simple. Inspiration to create a 3D printer from an Ikea Lack table simply came from the fact that my BFB 3D touch printer had been placed on top of a lack table for the last 5 years. Whilst the lack table absorbed the vibration and forces applied from 5 years of printing the table showed no obvious signs of wear or distortion.

It’s this Format which will bring the greatest benefits to Hackers, Builders and 3D printing enthusiasts all around the world encouraging people to build, share and adapt the design creating an entire collaboration of adaptions, improvement’s and opportunities. This project was published on 3dhubs. For them I want to give special thanks and this personal thank you, your help and support is appreciated and with an amazing family we can create amazing things. Thanks for reading and have fun creating your own Printtable. Step 2: How to Access Information? At the time of writing this instructable we are still putting the finishing touches to the website Printtable.

With-in the site will be links to the you tube channel as well as additional information about the build, we will be giving away some of the build parts such as acrylic panel sets, rods, wiring and starter kits to builders in competitions and will also provide a one stop shop for all the printable components and upgrades. A forum for all to assist each other in all thing Printtable and 3d printing. News articles, tips and tricks and expanding on the printtable plans with help of the community for the future. Ikea Lack table ready for its amazing transformation into an attractive large platform 3D printer. Please see attached spreadsheet for parts required. Some parts are printed in two halves and require placing together and a hot solder gun run along the joint to weld them together.

8mm and 10mm rod holes may want drilling out and it is recommended to use a masonry drill bit fro this purpose. Note X Axis Puller wheel Holder as a smaller centre than Y Axis Pulley Holders. Supports have been marked with position to be placed ensure the wider lip is positioned against the table legs and the thinner lip against the table top. Polycarbonate parts Including cutting template to be printed and used to cut holes in the print bed.

These parts will also be available at for sale at Printtable. These drawings are to help you get familiar with the assembly of the printtable and assist in the naming conventions of the parts. Also included above are short videos showing animations on how the some of the components come together. Okay So lets get to work, Remember take your time and enjoy learning the build, 3D printing is nothing more than a learning process and with my help you will soon have a good understanding of how a 3d printer works and a fully functional printer to empower your creativity.