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Through your meaningful contributions and the match, together we’ve raised funds and collected vital units of blood and platelets to support the lifesaving services of the American Red Cross. From the bottom of types of fear pdf heart, thank you for your services to the American Red Cross.

I wish you much peace, joy and happiness this holiday season. Sorry, we didn’t recognize the zip code you entered. It may have been mistyped, or you may have put in a zip code outside the area the American Red Cross serves in the US, its territories and military installations around the world. Community violence can be defined as exposure to intentional acts of interpersonal violence committed in public areas by individuals who are not intimately related to the victim.

Building Resiliency: Supporting Youth Affected by Trauma and Community Violence. This resource provides information on community violence, how it can affect daily lives, and what to do for support. This resource offers what teens might be feeling after a tragic community event and how educators can help them with those feelings. Violent Places, Dangerous Times: Does Community Violence Control Your Life? This product is a checklist that youth can use to assess whether they experience community violence. Consult an NCTSN reading list of research on community and school violence.

If you want to truly understand something, try to change it. This statement is especially true when making changes within or related to an organization or its culture. During periods of organizational change, most attention focuses on the organization in terms of structure, processes, tools, measurements, policies, and procedures. Sometimes people changes are a direct result of other organizational changes. Some examples of culture change include reward-and-recognition programs, employee empowerment, and training. These programs attempt to improve motivation, improve decision-making skills, and increase sensitivity to diversity issues.

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