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English town planner, urbanist and geographer. He was known internationally for his studies and writings on the economic, demographic, cultural and management issues that face cities around the globe. Hall was for many years a planning and regeneration adviser to successive UK governments. Hall was born in Hampstead, urban and regional planning peter hall pdf London, England.

In 1940, his family moved to Blackpool, when his father, a clerical officer in the pensions service, was relocated. Hall was married to Carla Wartenberg from 1962 to 1966, and Magdalena Mróz from 1967 until his death. He died in London on 30 July 2014 at the age of 82. There are many obituaries to his career and impact.

In a 1977 address to the Royal Town Planning Institute, Hall put forth the idea of a “Freeport” in the city, a concept that would come to be known as an Enterprise Zone. In his final years, Hall strongly perceived that British planners had fallen behind their European counterparts. His last book Good Cities: Better Lives and last book chapter “The Strange Death of British Planning: And How to Bring About a Miraculous Revival”, both published in 2014, stress this point and seek to direct attention to planning examples from mainland Europe. Hall was knighted in 1998 for services to the Town and Country Planning Association.

Hall also received an Honorary Doctorate from Heriot-Watt University in 2002. On 30 April 2015, Transport for London dedicated a train in recognition of his contribution to London’s transport infrastructure. The train, Number 378 204, is a five-carriage London Overground train. Good Cities, Better Lives: How Europe Discovered the Lost Art of Urbanism. London Voices, London Lives: Tales from a Working Capital.

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