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Co-hosted by Professor Robert Winston and Dr Tanya Byron, this interactive special invites you to take part in a range of experiments to test your memory and receive practical help on how to improve it. Longleat House in Wiltshire is transformed into ‘Memory Manor’, a laboratory to explore how our brains work, what memory skills we’re born with and which parts of our memory we can improve on. You are invited to solve a Memory Manor mystery during the programme. The most complex challenge comes at the end and gives you a chance to discover how the painting was finally tracked down. You don’t need any extra kit to take part. You can play along by printing out your blank score card at the bottom of this page, and filling it in with a pen or pencil.

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If you’re a digital viewer, press the red button on your remote control at the start of the programme to benefit from the enhanced interactive service. You’ll see seven memory tests, which you can answer using the number keys on your digital remote control. You’ll receive a tailored response directly related to your answer and extra tips and feedback to help you improve. At the end of the programme, you’ll also get a summary of your results with additional information and advice on improving your memory. Note: the digital service is currently available to digitial satellite and Freeview viewers only. At Memory Manor, 100 volunteers participate in a series of experiments to assess their memory strengths and weaknesses.

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