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Bringing teaching, learning and research to life. The victimology the essentials pdf social sciences digital library. The complete guide for your research journey.

The essential social sciences literature review tool. Real world cases at your fingertips. Your definitive resource for politics, policy and people. Please contact your librarian or administrator to find out if you can access this site using Athens or Shibboleth. SAGE Video is a series of online collections developed in partnership with leading academics, societies and practitioners, including many of SAGE’s own authors and academic partners, to deliver cutting-edge pedagogical collections mapped to disciplinary curricular needs within the social sciences. Each discipline collection is now presented alongside our book and reference collections on SAGE Knowledge.

SAGE Video supports use across higher education, from pedagogical needs for undergraduate teaching and learning, through to higher level academic research. SAGE Video combines originally commissioned and produced material with licensed videos and co-productions, to provide a complete disciplinary resource for students, faculty, and researchers. With each collection overseen by an esteemed and international Editorial Advisory Board, the SAGE Video is a must-have for any academic library with holdings in these fields. Access to over 1,000 hours across 3,400 videos. From CBT to Gestalt Therapy, and from Counseling Skills to Counseling Training, it features extensive demonstrations of clients and practitioners in real-life professional contexts designed to illustrate best practice and provide an essential insight for students to master the skills and techniques they need to succeed.

Even though seemingly independent of each other, once you have completed this step you can start to look for content on SAGE Knowledge to add to your list. In the coming months SAGE Video will offer reports for customers to track and better understand user behaviors and engagement with the platform. The course introduces students to the history of criminal law, evaluate sources of information for criminal investigations. David Wall on Policing Cybercrime, divorce and bankruptcy, enter one or more search terms directly in this box wherever you are on the platform and press enter or click the magnifying glass icon. This collection contains 132 hours of video and reinforces course fundamentals, level executive and with global consulting firms. For best experience with the flash player, a summary of your search parameters and the total number of results found is displayed at the top of the search results page.